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Have you ever wondered whether you have been abducted by aliens? Maybe you have periods of missing time and found strange bruises and sores on your body but have no idea why.

Have you woken with blood in your bed and does the TV go funny when you walk past it now and then?


A group of alien abductees have put together a list of the 72 signs all abductees experience in one way or another. The more you experience the more likely you have been abducted.


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Here are the top six signs of that list which point to an alien abduction.

  1. Lost Time – This can be from a few minutes to several days, it is a period where you simply cannot remember where you have been or what you have done.
  2. Unusual Marks On Your Body – Finding unusual marks like, scars, scoop marks, bruises and series of fine ‘laser’ cuts on your ankle is a common sign.
  3. Humming Or Tapping Noises In The Night – Not to be confused with the low sounds given off by electrical items, central heating and general ‘moving’ that goes on in a building at night, these sounds are unusual, sounding like they are external but many believe originate inside the head.
  4. A Feeling Of Being Watched – Do you feel that you are being watched just before going to bed
  5. Sleepwalking – Waking up in places where you didn’t go to sleep and you do not know how you got there.
  6. Seeing A UFO – Having seen a UFO or strange lights in the sky on a regular bases or even just once is a good indicator.


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